Will Skinni in StarShip Troopers – Terran Command?


In his interview with The Artistocrats, the developer StarShip Troopers – Terran Command, did not mention Skinnies. Skinny was the first enemy in the book “Star landing” and the ally of people during the difficult part of the war against the spider-shaped.

Arachnides will be the focus of StarShip Troopers – Terran Command, and probably no race Skinny in the game. This is due to the fact that the developers mostly ignored them in their fan-video, so we can only hope that they can be DLC, and not the main antagonists.

The advantage of adding Skinnies will be small, and it will require additional work. Skinny never appeared in the movie “Star Tail”, and in the book they appeared quite short. Fans will not be delighted if they see Skinnies in more than a fleeting link.

Even being antagonists, skinni was described in the book as too simple to defeat them. By the time the spider-shaped attacked, people almost completely defeated them. At the beginning of the book, their weakness and power over them are emphasized. Next time we will hear about them as an allied against the spider-shaped.

Starship Troopers – Terran Command will be released exclusive Pairs on 31 March , 2022 .

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