How to unlock more memory slots in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Memory Slots Play an extremely important role for players who are in battle first rely on magic. Memory slots define How many spells players can use . This may not seem like that of a big deal, but the presence of several spells can make magicians more versatile and allow them to use different spells for different situations.

Some of the most powerful spells in the game, such as COMET AZUR, actually occupy several slots of memory themselves. That is why it is important for magicians to have as much memory slots. The number of player’s memory slots can be enlarged, finding memory stones . For each stone of memory, which the player owns, it gets one memory cell.

Elden Ring | How to Unlock MORE SPELL SLOTS + 6 Memory Stone Locations

Where to find more memory stones?

Memory stones can be obtained in several ways. Elden Ring is always difficult to find useful objects, and memory stones are no exception.

Players can get memory stones by defeating some bosses in the game (for example, from Red Wolf Radagon at the Academy of Paradise Lukaria), finding them scattered around the world in the chests (for example, at the top transformed tower in Liurnia Of the Lakes), or even by purchasing them from certain sellers around the world (such as twin shells in the round table mode).

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