What do color circles under units in Starship Troopers – Terran Command?

Starship TroopersTerran Command The logos of units are over each unit. When they enter the battle, a color circle appears under the unit. This is very important, since it depends on how effective your units against the enemy will be.

Best way to place troops in StarShip Troopers – Terran Command

Color code means:

  • Green – This unit shoots in optimal mode.

Yellow – This unit is partially blocked, and it must be moved so that it is more efficient.
* Red – This unit cannot shoot enemies within reach due to obstacles. The device must be moved to another position to start shooting.

In this game, important factors are the line of review and fire position. You cannot tell your units, what enemy shoot. They will act by themselves when the enemy is within reach. If you do not place your units effectively, you will lose a lot of battles.


For example, in the open field, the best construction is a U-shape. When the opponent attacks the unit next to another, the unit who is not attacked will have a less optimal range, because the friendly unit blocks his path. With a joint movement of units by the field, take into account these colors and the line of view between them.

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