Call of Duty: Warzone will arrive at mobile devices

Since its launch a couple of years ago, Call of Duty: Warzone became one of the most popular _ battle Royale. He even came out to overcome other giants like fortnite, Apex Legends and pubg himself. Now, Activision is looking to take this title to the mobile devices market, and need your help to do so.


Activision confirmed that they are already working on a mobile version of Warzone , although the project is at a very early stage of its development. In fact, Activision is just hiring staff to work in this game, and if you are interested, here we leave the link for all the vacancies that have available.

At the moment, their developers have not offered additional details about this version of Warzone , but according to their official description, we are facing “an AAA production that seeks to bring the large-scale action of Warzone A portable devices”. It is easy to assume that there is still a good amount of time to have additional information about the game, so we do not have more to be patient.

Editor’s note: It will definitely be interesting to know how it is that Activision intends to take a game as Warzone to portable devices. I mean, it’s not really the first time we’ll have a Battle Royale title in our cell phones or tablets, and I think Call of Duty Mobile did a good job about Gameplay, but Warzone is another beast aside.

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