Wow: What does your Perfect WOW extension look like? The big Blizzard

On April 19, 2022, the developers of Blizzard reveal the next extension of WOW. The successor of Shadowlands will not be easy. Because the adventure in the shadow lands – to say the least – not as a favorite extension in the WoW community. From the story about the systems, it hailed practically since releasing criticism. And that has brought us to the question: What would be the ideal extension? And we want to go for the bottom together with you.

Survey: Your Perfect WOW Extension!

That’s why we have put together a survey with 24 questions that you can answer short and crisp. So tell us what the next extension of Wow (Buy Now) should – and which things you can not see anymore. The whole thing takes only a few minutes, because we have given us a particular effort to restrict ourselves to the important questions and clear answers. Have fun with this anonymous survey!

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We will analyze the results of this poll in the editors and then present in a comprehensive special in the next edition of the PC Games Mmore and on Blizzard. So be sure: Your voice makes a difference and reflects what the Blizzard community thinks.

What is your coming story, what do you think of more solo content, and what class would you like to see in the game? If you want a new one at all! We are already more than looking forward to what your super extension looks like. And if she also coincides with our opinions from the editors!

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