The players of Elden Ring denounce the game due to lack of basic functions

Anillo de Elden owns a 96 in Metacritic, which makes it one of the best qualified games of all time. It is enough to say that it not only does many things do well, but it absolutely achieves almost everything that is proposed to do. That said, like the previous work of fromSoftware: Almas Dark, Transmitted by blood and Sekiro – There is a lot about Anillo de Elden That will immediately repel many who give you a chance. The most famous thing is that your difficulty scares many potential players. Meanwhile, some have criticized anillo de elden and the sets of fromsoftware in general as obtuse they are. There is no hands at any time, which is exactly the opposite approach of so many modern games and, especially, so many open world games. For some, this is a detour, but for many, it is a large part of the charm.

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Said all this, some in the very popular game Reddit page think that fromSoftware takes it too far with the minimalism and the lack of information available on the user interface and the HUD of the game. In addition, there is currently a publication with more than 25,000 votes complaining about the lack of information in the game about several icons.

“I am totally in favor of minimalism and all that, but it would be great that there was a way in the game of discovering what the hell it means all this,” is read in Reddit’s publication.

I am in favor of minimalism and all that, but it would be great that there was a way in the game of discovering what the hell it means all this. from

“This goes crazy in the games these days,” says an answer. “No instruction manuals as it used to be. Now we stay with games that throw things out without understanding. I really should not have to leave my game and go to the Internet to understand what mechanical hell or state in a game it means. Bring me a glossary / basic codex in the game ».

As you will know, there have been many criticisms about the user interface and the user experience of the game, but anyone who has played fromSoftware games in the past will know that this is the Modus Operandi of the study, and with anillo de Elden being the exit Popular and acclaimed for the criticism of the team so far, it is difficult to imagine that this criticism leads to substantial changes in anillo de Elden or future projects of the Japanese study. And, of course, although there are many who agree with the previous Reddit publication, there are also many, if not many more, who do not agree and like that the game does not provide any easy information.

Anillo de Elden is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about the last set of fromSoftware, click here.

“If the previous Releases of fromSoftware are considered individual successes, anillo de Elden feels like the collection of ‘great successes’ of the developer,” is read at the beginning of our game review. «Play as the culmination of all the intelligent ideas that fromSoftware has had along its exhausting games, at the same time finding ways to take advantage of the opaque experience of the study. Elaborated over the years. The jokes that refer to him as ‘almas 4‘ were not far away, but he manages to be much more than that too. “

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