The Walking Dead: Pamelas Städtetour: Das passiert in “The Lucky Ones” (S11 E12)

It could be so beautiful: Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside go to the Commonwealth, Lance Hornsby becomes new administrator and therefore he would be a step further on his way to the top. But everything comes differently, as a round trip through the three places with Commonwealth boss Pamela Milton shows.

It is anything but enthusiastic about the potential partners. Although Alexandria has recovered thanks to the help of the Commonwealth, Pamela passes the joy of this potential member when she has clarified how many difficulties of the place had already been in the past. Oceanside you like the Walking Dead: Maggie is not sure if a deal with the Commonwealth is the best option. Source: Disney / AMC There is clearly that Oceanside stands to Hilltop and therefore decides Maggie for both.

However, they have their concerns, at the latest as they noticed that Pamela prevails about their citizens like a queen. Although both find that they are more like when they thought, and Pamela adapts to the benefits of their community, Maggie decides to join Pamela and the Commonwealth. Very much to the trouble of Lance Hornsby, who had hoped to manage Alexandria, Oceanside and Hilltop.

In a conversation, Pamela makes that Lance likes to continue to drive his small integration project, but that should not affect his work in the Commonwealth. This also brings Aaron into a stupid situation, as it was very hoping to make Alexandria part of the Commonwealth.

The advantages of the Commonwealth

There, Ezekiel and Eugene once again enjoy the advantages of the system – more precisely, the advantages that hold the system for those who can exploit it, or just friends who do this. Ezekiel is unfair that he suddenly is preferred with his surgery, but in the end, he knows very well that it goes to life and death and puts on the surgical table, even if he knows that the walking Dead: What does Lance win with the whole thing? Source: Disney / AMC Carol had their hands in the game.

Eugene arranges with the situation that Max is the true Stephanie. Max explains that she himself was surprised when he suddenly had a different woman and therefore did not reveal himself earlier. After a conversation with Rosita, Eugene decides to try it with max.

Meanwhile, Lance Hornsby does not seem to have put his dispute with Pamela too well. He leaves the frustration about Pamelas Ultimateum to zombies, which he attracts on a field and down. And when Aaron wants to talk to him again about Alexandria, Lance lies in his eyes with a treacherous glitter in his eyes.

The Lucky Ones - The Walking Dead S11 E12 Review
Piece for piece is made from the Zombieserie The Walking Dead a PolittleThriller and “The Lucky Ones” is the best example of this. But that the best intrigues in this world end in blood and chaos have already shown the past seasons – and this time it should not be different.

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