2: 1: Zebras struggles in double majority to the away win

Meppen coach Rico Schmitt put compared to the 0: 1 against Saarbrücken after the Corona outbreak on seven new actors in the starting eleven. In the box Harsman replaced the injured Domaschke. In the Startelf also lacked Ballmert, Büning, Blacha, Fedl, Bars and Kruger. For this started on Monday evening Jesgarzewski, Egerer, Fundspan, Hemlein, Tankulic and Sukuta-Pasu.

Duisburg’s coach Hagen Schmidt set after the 2-0 win against Viktoria Cologne on the other side only on two new actors. Bakalorz and Bakir moved for Pusch (Bank) and Yeboah (lacked disease due to illness) in the initial formation. The staff strongly changed EMSL countries began but bravely and pressed far in the Duisburg half. The MSV in turn looked surprised by the Mepper appearance and defended far in her own half. After Duisburg until Dato did not play a counter chance clean, Ademi’s attempt landed to extend a flank to the left corner, on the post (14th). The first shot to the post was at the same time the wake-up call to both teams: in direct countermail tested Tankulic for the first time wine purchase (15th).

But in the following minutes, the SV Meppen continued to open courageous and made hardly opportunities of the MSV. The next opportunity defused Ajani shortly before the line against barreling (27.) and thwarted the next good opportunity of SV Meppen.

Egerer flies – Tankulic meets at night

Winning a jackpot (question from Ch.4.4)
When the SV Meppen patzt in the game construction, Bakir used the room in the switching game and was moved to ground in front of the penalty area of ​​Egerer. For the emergency brake, the midfielder rightly saw the red card (37.), the following free kick stubblekamp put in the wall. The only Duisburg chance in front of the pause whistle then awarded the bakir just fouled bakir, who failed in one-counter-one of Harsman (40th). The Meppen joined the retirement of the final man and threw everything forward again. After a flank, Tankulic headed his opponent Ajani to his hand and turned the logical penalty flat into the middle (45.). Sudately, the SV Meppen was in front of the site change in the lead.

Double Night: Guder falls Knoll in midfield

The leadership of the home owners did not last long, since Bakir’s flank from the half-field landed early in the second round on all customers in the right corner (48.). But for the Mepper, the next shock should not be long in coming: Guder came against Knoll, who then had to hurt from the field, by grassy, ​​and hit his opponent on the ankle joint (54th). For the second gaze clear gross foul game the actor saw the red card – Meppen was only too ninth (54th) from then on.

The second place of course then caused increased opportunities on Duisburg side, while Meppen could hardly be free from their own penalty area. But until the end of the final phase, the MSV awarded two high-force in person from Hettwer (63.) and Frey (69th). The Duisburg laced Meppen on his own penalty area and the 2-1 only seemed to be a matter of form. Ultimately, it was Ademi, who pressed a rebound over the line and achieved the redeeming 2: 1 for the guests (80th).

Hemlein fails in the nighttime time on the latte

But who thought that Meppen is beaten, was wrong. Only Piossek put a volley only hair-sharp over the lath (87.), until Hemlein in the six-minute injection time even failed on the crossbeam (90. + 5) and the last chance to compensate. The Zebras struggled against decimated Meper so to the threesome and received the FSV Zwickau on Sunday at 13 o’clock. On the other hand, Meppen is greeting on Saturday at 14 clock at Leader Magdeburg.

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