Eldon ring, cumulative sales volume exceeded 12 million

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea (Representative Zerald Nun) announced that Bandai Namco entertainment and promoter ‘Elden Ring (Elden Ring) of the jointly developed Fantasy Action RPG’ Elden Ring (Eldon Ring (RING) ‘(“Elden Ring (Elden Ring)” has exceeded 12 million.

Household Games Soft ‘Elden Ring (Elden Ring)’ gathers marketing power of promotional software, promoting a good quality content that allows you to enjoy a good quality content that can be enjoyed deeply deeply for gamers from all over the world. It is a new action RPG that is presented.

This work is a Miyazaki Heathrow of the Miyazaki Heathrow and Fantasy Novel Series ‘Single’s Songs’, a masterpiece of George RR Martin, which is a feature of the Professor RR Martin, which is a featured action, and a colorful We also offered a good assessment of all over the world by providing a overwhelming play experience that has never been able to have a vast world and high degree of freedom with a high degree of poor.

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In addition, the simultaneous development of 14 languages ​​and network testing just before the release, we have a high interest in the world, and achieved a high interest in the global cumulative sales volume. ‘Elden Ring (Elden Ring)’ is scheduling for a variety of deployments using the game as well as the game as well as the game.

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