Hogwarts Legacy Lets see a bedroom and make us theorize before his possible multiplayer options

Harry Potter RPG trailer - developed by Avalanche Software - WB - (Hogwarts Legacy)
The State of Play completely dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy, the next open world role play based on the Harry Potter universe is quickly approaching and Communication is accelerating by Avalanche Software.

On the occasion of the announcement of the conference, PlayStation published a brief advance with a wizard walking in a mysterious room and a statue in the center. Then we imagine that it is a Statue of Salazar Slytherin but nothing is safe for the moment. Today, in a special tweet of the development studio, a new image / video was shown.

Is the presence of accessible bedrooms a good sign?

Of course, we can suspect that in an open world like LEGACY Hogwarts, All rooms at the Hogwarts Castle are probably explored. But communication around the game has been minimized so much that it is worth seeing the slightest image.. This time, we see a young magician with a Gryffindor tunic rising from his bed.

We arise many questions: Can we choose the other 4 students with whom to live in this bedroom? Will there be a multiplayer concept in which you can invite friends or create some kind of guild? Can we customize our room changing the sheets, ornaments or even the objects at the foot of the bed? Or is it just a place to spend time in the game? If we ask ourselves these questions is above all because the recent mobile game Harry Potter Magic Awakened offers this type of functionalities.

A bedroom system like in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

It is unlikely that Hogwarts Legacy will take over the functions of Magic Awakaned, since the two games are, respectively, an open world and an MMO. In the second case, the title offers several multiplayer mechanics such as rhythmic dance, banned forest exploration or deck construction duels. Then it is possible to choose a bedroom to live with another 4 wizards or witches and access many more functions as those mentioned above. The player can modify his appearance, his dress style, the decoration of his room, his pet or even access the common room of his house.

In summary, this simple advance of a few seconds is reliving the stir around Hogwarts Legacy and we all hope with impatience the State of Play this Thursday, March 17. Obviously we will follow it with assiduity and we will not forget to feed our dedicated portal with unpublished images of the game and our theories.

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