You can get “Alceus” with “Pokemon Dipari Mike”! Picks up pokemon, check how to obtain it

Software “ Pokemon (BDSP) ” for Nintendose switches will be available at the Pokemon “ Alceus ” at the Shining Pearl (BDSP) **.

To obtain, you need save data that achieved all “Main Mission” with Software Software Software “Pokemon Legends Alceus”. When you start “BDSP” with the user of the switch body, “BDSP” is available at the main character’s home.

After obtaining a fame and a national picture book, by going to the entrance of the pillar of the pillars with the “Dekai’s Fuu”, Alceus appears in front of the main character. Alceus is a Pokemon that is said to have created everything in the world, and it seems that a strong technique is also a powerful technique. Let’s challenge.

In addition, to receive a “Senkai’s Fuu”, you need to download the delivery update data (Ver. 1.3.0) on March 16. In addition, in order to meet Alceus, “BDSP” must be “Dialga” or “Palchia”.

In addition, an event that allows you to get “Darkly” together is also decided.

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