Elden Ring: With one thing, the players understand only station

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The story in Elden Ring is complicated and confused. The players would still like to understand more of them, but the game puts them stones in their way. Many fans suspect that George R. R. Martin is guilty.

Elden Ring: No one can notice that

Elden Ring is just like former Souls games no interest in telling you a straightforward story. Instead, you have to develop the background of the world with the help of item descriptions and cryptic NPC dialogs themselves. Most fans have become accustomed to themselves and even welcome this unique narrative style . However, they also wonder why the bosses must all have so incredibly similar names. Attention: The following article contains spoilers to the names of the end opponents in Elden Ring.

The Reddit User Rhodehouse93 has now described in a funny mail, why it can be very confusing if all characters start in the game with the letters G, R or M :

_ “Everyone knows that Marika is the half-sister of Maliketh and the mother of Miquella, Malenia (but not Melina), Morgott (who has sometimes Margit, but nothing to do with Margot), Mohg and Godwyn (not to confuse with his father Godfrey or his relatives Godrick, who has nothing to do with Godefroy, though he looks exactly like he). “_

What has George R. R. Martin to do with the Elden ring names?

However, the confusion does not stop. Finally, Radagon, Ranni (also called Renna), Radahn, Rykard and Rennala. In the comments, the fans are sure that these names are probably back on the “Game of Thrones” -erfinder George R. R. Martin .

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