Should you pass Roland (chapter 7) in a triangle strategy

The strategy of a triangle will often force players to take an important decision that will affect the randering of the narration. The following manual explains whether the players should pass Roland in chapter 7 of the “triangle strategy” or not. We will also explain how to convince citizens to vote with you.

should you pass Roland (chapter 7) in a triangle strategy

Chapter 7 Triangle Strategy is dedicated to tactics. Here you will not have to fight with enemies, but you will have to fight with each other.

You will encounter a difficult script to decide whether you should transfer Roland, Brother Cordelia, Gustadolf or protect it at any cost.

The situation may seem simple, because you have only two options, but very much depends on this sole solution. From your decision will depend on the next course of the game.

In the plot line Castle Wolffort you have two options: to transfer Prince Roland or be destroyed by General Avlorian and its troops.

To solve this tangled script, you must vote, and the result of your voting will determine the course of events. It is worth noting that this vote has two outgoes:

  • Protect Roland and give back to General Avulora and Esphost.
  • Take the Roland and deliver His Esfost.

Before the vote, talk to the concierge at the door, and then explore the streets of Wolfforta in search of important information and useful items.

In this section, we have included all the information you can get, as well as useful items available on this path.

How to convince people to protect Roland

If you decide to defend Roland, you will need a high moral figure, because it is to protect it – this is a moral decision.

Triangle Strategy: Chapter 7 - Win the Vote & Save Roland - [Guide]

You will also need to convince Anna, Roland, Benedict or Guil. If you cannot persuate them all, you will have to persuade at least Anna.

As for the rest of the people, they all will support the decision to protect Roland.

How to convince people to pass Roland

If you want to hand over Roland, you must convince all the characters, including the Roland itself. Since this is a usefulness option, you will have more chances if you have a high utility rate.

As soon as you convince people, a vote will be held, and your fate will be solved.

It is important here to note that if you refuse Roland, you will lose it only temporarily. However, you can fight to keep it. If you want not to get off the way, you must drive Avilov from possessions without causing any sacrifice.

If you do not refuse Roland and you will have other plans, you must defeat Austror and her three-wave army, avoiding traps.

You are free to make any decisions based on the information provided. However, keep in mind that you will have to live with the consequences of your choice.

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