Triangle Strategy is a success: Roza the 800,000 copies sold in two weeks

Triangle Strategy It only hQuest been in the market for two weeks, but they have been sufficient to show that it wQuest among the most expected launches by Nintendo Switch users. Nothing more and nothing less than 800,000 copies sold by adding physical and digital versions , of which 200,000 come from the Japanese market. A very important figure, if we take into account factors such Quest gender to which it belongs and the fact of having coincided with a heavy weight Quest Elden Ring (12 million copies). Next, we leave the beautiful illustration with which Naoki Ikushima , the main artist of the game, hQuest shared to celebrate the moment.

Triangle Strategy Character Guide!

Triangle Strategy: on shoulders of Quest’s legacy

In our analysis, the title achieved a rating of 8 over 10 and when sharing the conclusions, we said that “for those who enjoyed the Quest Games, Triangle Strategy is the closest thing we have found in all these Years of crossing in the desert. Of course, it is very difficult to fill the emptiness that YQuestumi Matsuno and the team of him in terms of narrative and design, but at leQuestt the new game of Square Enix tries, providing new ideQuest and ambitions to the set “.

Among the most outstanding elements of the game, we stayed with your “ history, characters and decisions system “, in addition to offering “ a combat tactical rich in nuances and possibilities ” and, Of course with the mere fact of being a title that “belongs to the school” of Quest, which also belong other clQuestsics of the SRPG genus Quest Tactics Ogre and Final FantQuesty Tactics. You can read the full text in the following link.

Triangle Strategy is available since March 4, exclusively for Nintendo Switch

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