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Triangle Strategy Beginners Guide to Battle

If you went to the chisant in the third chapter of the triangle strategy, then researcher of the ministry Courten Jennar joined your case. His ice magic will be useful again and again throughout this story. Although Korentine enters into your ranks for reasons associated with the plot, and not by belief points, he, like other recruits, contacting Serena, sees that not so with Norse, and wants to fix it.

That’s how to use Corentin, Cryman from Khizanta.

Battle Strategies Guardina Jennar

The Korentine feature is its ice magic, which can be used for damage , freeze , and slow enemies , and also build ice obstacles that can hold enemies outside your location. His Ice Breath Perhaps it is most useful at the initial stage, as it can strike up to five opponents on intersecting squares, freezing the land.

You can also freeze the large area of ​​the Earth with frosty shacks , which will cause a significant damage to one enemy, having a chance to make him silenced. After you align enough, increase and improve the rootine, an excellent strategy will freeze as much as possible as possible before using its advanced abilities. Ice tomb and makes a serious damage to all opponents within the reach of ice.

Improvement class and improvement

Kentin is needed for battles with enemies who have ice weakness – Far battle strikers, such as archers who attack fire . You can use Firefire Fire Shield to protect it, and be sure to increase the strength of the ice breath after improving the root of the second weapon rank.

When you improve his weapon to the third rank, he will receive Ice Moon The ability that can powerfully attack enemies at a high distance. These advanced abilities require a significant amount of TP, so keep the Miguel next to to support it with a large number of turnpoint points.

Kalentin Jennar is indispensable in many battles in Triangle Strategy. His defense may not be the best, so do not forget to increase his health, and it will become one of your units in a heavy battle.

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