[Weekly Trehan] “Parcool Barriade” March 13th March-March 19th is this!

Weekly Treasure Hunt ” that I’m worried about when I missed or when the timing was not fitted, and I will introduce the game information and entertainment information to be buried in one of the “ Weekly Treasure Hunt ” from March 13, 2022. It is March 19th. It is a rough introduction, but fortunate you find a treasure for everyone.

# Jet fighter combat game “Sky Gambler: Air Splemacy 2” Delivery date determination

Scheduled to deliver March 24 for Nintendose switches.

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# GBA style ham star puzzle action “Pom pom” Steam delivery start

It seems that it is not uncomfortable even if you replace Ham Taro.

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# WW2FPS “Hell Let Loose” update 12 new map “Lemagen” will be added

Bridge is a fierce battle.

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# Razer × Sanrio gaming goods decided domestic release

Very pink.

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# Monster collection game “Nexomon” Japanese version distribution start

Windows / Mac (STeam) / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Nintendose Switch delivery. Launch trailer narration….

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# “Matrix” MOD that Neo goes wild in the world of “SIFU”

It is alle that the model is from the PS2 game….

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# Black and white pulco Cool action “Hirilun” delivery start


Fusion of “Thin City” and “Mirror’s Edge”. STEAM / GOG.COM / EPIC GAMES Development at the store.

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# “11:45 A Vivid Life” draws a girl who examines her own body with an X-ray machine

Development of DECONSTRUCTEAM in “The Red Strings Club”.

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# Statue of “Shenmu” protagonist “Sakai” appeared

She has a high 25 cm. The price is 24,750 yen.

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