How to use Rudolph Muller – Triangle Strategy Guide

Each character in Triangle Strategy is built in its own way. Each of them has unique skills, the benefits of the terrain and a variety of applications depending on the situation. Some units work better with others. Others are excellent for Pharma coins or items, but they should not be used for battles on the main scene.

In this guide, we will teach you to use Rudolf Former salt smuggler, expelled from Esphrost.

Rudolf Character Guide

Rudolf Hunter in every sense of this word. Its range is small, but it hits strongly and beats _fasting. Rudolph is ideal for kill the detachment as its speed increases more when he wins the enemy.

The stroke cycle for Rudolph will look like this:

  • Make it wait on the same area. This causes those who wait , which increases the chance of a critical strike. It is in the best position on the roofs of houses , walls or rocks .
  • Use Straight shot or Speed ​​shot . The straight shot is very strong and has a high chance to defeat the enemy. Singing shot imposes a dream without giving goals to move for two moves. Use what is more applicable.
  • Return, repeat.

He also has a skill that can arrange traps, but we do not recommend it. The damage is not very good. If you want to place the traps better, use Jens instead.

Rudolf is fast, but it can be faster with high-speed accessories. Another slot should either luck bracelet or amulet. This will increase its chance of a critical strike.

Encouragement and class improvement

At some point you want to unlock all the improvements in Rudolph. Nevertheless, at the beginning you can focus on arms damage , raising speed / accuracy and also Good luck . In fact, he does not need it, but at the third level of weapons, he gets the skill of the rain of arrows. Damage damage.

Increasing the “elite”, he either does not need immediately, but it will significantly increase its characteristics. So, if you are a fan of Rudolf, you can arrange priorities. The elite class will also open stunning boom skill that can discard enemy back.

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