Wii and Nintendo DSi stores take falls for days, what is happening?

Both Nintendo Wii Shop (Wii Store channel) DSI Shop Nintendo DSI Shop carry completely disconnected for days . The internal digital wii shops and the Nintendo DSi console family (DSI and DSI XL) do not allow its users to access their respective purchDSI Shope portals from March 16 at that time at 4:00 p.m. (CET), but Nintendo He hDSI Shop not explained the reDSI Shopon behind this maintenance period.

Errors 290502 and 209601. Wii and Nintendo DSI Shop shop channel, disconnected

Although the well-known in Spain DSI Shop Wii Store channel CompDSI Shopsionely stopped on January 31, 2019, players can continue to download those programs or applications previously purchDSI Shoped. Equal with the Nintendo DSI digital store, whose discontinuation on March 31, 2017 only allows you to download previously purchDSI Shoped DSiWare programs. The problem is that, If the servers are not active, it is not possible to discharge the content already purchDSI Shoped .

Errors 290502 and 209601 are those that appear in Wii and Nintendo DSI stores at this time, respectively. From gamexplain have published a video in which they explain that it is not just an access problem through the United States servers, but that players in Europe do not see these messages either, they can not rediscover those programs acquired previously.

We do not have more information at the moment. It is unknown if it is a temporary maintenance period or a total closure of the activity of these two digital stores.

The Eshop of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will definitely close EN 2023

This news arrives shortly after knowing that Nintendo will close the ESHOP digital stores from Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in March 2023. Similarly, it will still be possible to download the games and programs previously purchDSI Shoped; But transactions will be officially discontinued.

New Nintendo DSi System Hack - allows for homebrew software [HD]

The debate on the preservation of the video game and how companies can contribute to offer an alternative of legal access to those disappeared videogames continue on the table.

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