Elden Ring: Build Mage, what favorite weapons

Whether to be winding boss or player, good equipment is needed. And if the possibilities are numerous, some weapons and capabilities come out of the lot. This is particularly the case of the mage on elden ring, using his powers to annihilate his opponents. But still need to know what to equip it with effective in all situations.

A starting class?

Even though it is possible to re-specialize after a while, some classes are more optimal than others to start. This is the case for the Build Mage of ELDEN Ring, where the astrologer is ideal. Its basic attributes are perfect for quickly enjoying a powerful magic. But it is also quite low level, making it easier to distribute points at the beginning.

* Build Mage *

Unlike other classes, the Mage is able to quickly recover the bases of its build very early. Thus, whether in Mid or Late Game, little should change. Its armor must have an average load at the highest, and only the azure burst stone crown is necessary. But unlike others, the contents of its miraculous vial of salvation is important. It is necessary to combine the weather fissured veiled magic and the cérulean secret tear **.

** Distribution of statistics ****

Taking advantage of a good distance and resting mainly on the dods, the mage makes it possible to prioritize his attack statistics. However, one must not neglect the spirit, vigor or endurance. However, it is not necessary to neglect the necessary statistics at the port of certain weapons.

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Main statistics

Secondary statistics

* Weapons and spells *


Based on intelligence, this Build Mage is particularly effective in ELDEN RING. It is able to overcome many boss easily, in addition to offering a good safety distance.

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