Goku recovered part of his memory at Dragon Ball Super

As surely you know, Goku lost a lot of his memory when he fell off when arriving at Earth . This avoided that the Saiyajin became a ruthless warrior as the rest of his race, but he also had certain disadvantages that were revealed to us over the years. Now with the most recent arc of Dragon Ball Super, Goku already recovered part of him thanks to two key words.

Goku and company have not managed to beat gas , but there was a time when Bardock , the father of him, could. Monaito Returned the scouter that tried put Bardock during his fight against gas , and before saying goodbye to him, he said: “Stay alive.” These same words were the ones that Bardock told Goku before evacuating it in the capsule towards Earth , and after listening to them,.

These memories seem to have given it to goku the necessary force to move forward with the fight, and who knows, maybe they may be enough for the saiyajin to end with gas at once all. At the moment we do not know exactly how it is that it plans to do it, but with this new motivation, it will certainly be interesting to see the fight between these two.

Editor’s note: I love that this new anime arch is finally giving it greater prominence to the history of Goku, including Bardock itself. We are all extremely familiar with Goku and what he has done, but seeing this new side of the character is definitely something refreshing.

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