Sony Buchetes Haven, Jade Studio Raymond, and becomes a member of the PlayStation Family

Only two months after announcing the buyout of the Studio Bungie (Destiny, the first halo), Sony Interactive Entertainment today validates the buyout of the Haven Studio, one year only after its creation. Founded by Jade Raymond, that we have known to be one of the producers of the first Assassin’s Creed, the Canadian company had already had the financial support of Sony Interactive Entertainment through a significant investment. But at the time, the studio was still totally independent. It must be believed that Jade Raymond has found the words just to finally find refuge at the PlayStation Family, especially since it and its teams work on an online online service waited on PS5. Hermen Hulst, the current Big Boss of the Playstation studios, quickly welcomed this acquisition, explaining to be happy to have people of Jade Raymond quenching and his teams of veterans by their side:

We started working with Jade and his team at first 2021, while the announcement of the creation of Haven Studios was imminent. From the start, we were inspired by Haven’s vision to bring together players in a positive and significant multiplayer experience. We had all the confidence in their creative and technical expertise to carry out an ambitious project. We were delighted to invest in this adventure whose goal is to create a new original franchise for PlayStation.

We had the chance to work closely with Haven last year and we were impressed by the growth and progress of the studio. Today, while we are going to blow the first candle of our official partnership, we are delighted to welcome them to PlayStation. We look forward to seeing what the future reserves in Haven Studios. Welcome to the PlayStation Studios family, Haven!

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The acquisition of Haven is not just a financial relief for Jade Raymond and his teams, it’s also the opportunity to work with other renowned studios and talented, like Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule or again Insomniac games that are cited and with which it will be able to collaborate on joint projects. Jade Raymond emphasizes the fact that the studio has made enormous progress in only 12 months, thanks in particular to a corporate culture based on kindness, flexibility and courage to give free rein to creativity. This is an opportunity for her to reveal that their development game is _ “AAA multiplayer experience with a constantly evolving world focused on freedom, passion and the enthusiasm in order to entertain players for years” _. As much to tell you we can not wait to see the result.

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