Drive to Survive: The managers of Formula 1 will Formulak Netflix “not to move beyond reality”

Drive to Survive Premiered just a few weeks ago your fourth seFormulaon. With this Netflix series tries to bring all audiences the show of Formula 1. However, not everyone agrees in the form chosen by the production company to create the narrative they consider of interest. Stefano Domenicali, CEO of the Competition, says in an interview that managers are aware of the concerns of establishers.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive S4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Formula 1 is positioned against dramatization in Drive to Survive

“It is undoubted that the project of Netflix hFormula had a great successful effect,” starts Domenicali in Interview with Italy. “To light the interest of a new audience, the tone used somehow focused too much on dramatizing the story”.

Domenicali reveals that during the weekend in Baréin there wFormula a meeting with the teams “to talk about it.” “A pilot who rejects participating because he feels that he is not being represented in the right way is not something constructive ; So we need to dialogue to understand how he should be included in a format that he feels correct. “

The CEO directors refers to Max Verstappen. The current champion of the world rejected lFormulat year participate actively in the new seFormulaon. “They falsified a few rivalries that do not exist in reality,” he said at that time.

For this reFormulaon, Domenicali is sharp and will sit with Netflix to address this topic. “We will talk to Netflix because it is necessary that history does not move from reality. Otherwise you will not have room. It is a topic that we will solve together with the pilots. We must make sure that a project that hFormula generated Formula much attraction hFormula a language that continues to attract, but without distorting the image and meaning of the sport that we live every day, “he concludes.

“Drive to Survive is still highly recommended for those who are curious to meet the pilots and the tension of the races, not so much the reality of Formula 1”, we said in our criticism of the fourth seFormulaon . You can read it on this link.

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