Hertha BSC: Thoughtful Bobic expresses itself to the power of power

Fredi Bobic makes public power struggle at Hertha BSC. The conclusion of the 50-year-old after not one year at the Berlin Football Bundesliga club also falls more sobering.

“So far, I find nothing successful, I have to say so honestly,” he said to the question of his greatest success in his term of office in an interview the “Tagesspiegel”: “Success will only adjust to duration. There Must show if all this has grabbed or if I have failed. Quite simple, I’m completely realistic. “

Currently the Hertha occupies the 16th table rank. The debut of Felix Magath succeeded in the capital city of 3: 0 against the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. After his Corona quarantine, the training on Thursday took over the training with the team.

Bobic: Club produces “a lot of volume”

It was also accompanied his return on the lawn from the side noise at Hertha. Between Investor Lars Windhorst and President Werner counterbauer Tobt a power struggle – publicly held. He spoke open and clearly with both, stressed Bobic. “For me, the club is always in the foreground, not the person. You know both. I would like to find the best for the club. And from the point of view of the association, I find the please understand that you get the whole thing a bit down to the league. “

The club just produces “a lot of volume,” said Bobic: “That makes me thoughtful, and I will actually appeal internally. My motto will always be: talking to each other, do not talk about each other.”

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Windhorst had called on Sunday the club members to request the deselection of the current leadership in May to apply for counterbeworks in the assembly in May. “Especially if it’s something personal, it’s often about sightly,” Bobic said to the Zoff, which now seems to be arrived at a personal level. “But who knows the medial power of football knows that a great volume can develop here too. I try to explain.”

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