Return: How to start the tower of the Sisyphos

Return has received a brand new update that adds an endless mode called Tower of Sisyphus. However, it can be difficult to know where the tower of Sisyphus can be found and starting the new mode. In addition, this update coop introduced that you should think about. How to start the Tower of Sisyphus Endless Mode in Returnal.

How to start the tower of the sisyphus

The tower of the Sisyphos is a free extension to Returnal This includes an endless mode, but also offers a little more history. The tower itself demands the players to climb as high as possible and defeat wave to wave of enemies.

The tower of the sisyphos is accessible to the right of the crash station where you start every run of a standard Return game. The hook is that you have to have the Icarian Grapple to access it. The Icarian Grapple is a useful tool used by Returnal and collected after IXION, the boss was defeated in the second biom named Crimson.

Once you have the Icarian Grapple, you only need to use it to increase the platform, and then use the Sisyphus Transloker on the other side of the door to be transported to the start. Do not worry, the first area is a safe room to orientate and prepare. When you start the sisyphus elevator Start in the tower of the sisyphus endless mode.

If (not if) they die in the tower of Sisyphus, they return to the bottom of the tower before the elevator. To leave the Tower of Sisyphus and return to the main game, just use the Sisyphus Translocator and travel back to the crash site.

Returnal: Ascension - Tower of Sisyphus Gameplay Trailer | PS5

Can Tower of Sisyphus be cooperative?

Strangely, Tower of Sisyphus can not be played in Koop mode . Although Koop was introduced with the free extension Tower of Sisyphus, Koop can only be played in Returnal in the main game. This is surprising and regrettable, but the main game of Returnal has more than enough to offer so first players can bite with their friends.

And that’s all you need to know to start the Tower of Sisyphus Endless Mode in Returnal. Further return help, such as how to defeat bosses, can be found in the other of our return guidelines.

Return is available for PlayStation 5.

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