WhatsApp and Telegram: Foundation Warentest compares Messenger – Result surprised

Almost everyone uses messenger services, although they have vulnerabilities. Foundation Warentest has now examined WhatsApp and Co..

Dortmund – instead of SMS with 160 characters as a limitation or expensive MMS noise today’s minutes of voice messages, Ellenlange texts, pictures or videos easily from mobile phone to mobile. Messenger services such as WhatsApp *, Threema or Telegram * are firmly anchored in everyday life. But: Which messenger service is actually recommended? That found Foundation Warentest. Heidelberg24 * summarizes:

WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Co.: That has studied Stiftung Warentest

As for other test reports * too, there are some criteria for Messenger services, putting special value on the Stiftung Warentest. Thus, functionality, ie the diversity as well as the scope of functions in text, audio, image and video messages and telephony, and the setup and use of the messenger service are at the top. This will increase 35 percent each.

For the use and facility include, for example, personalizing the service and the registration. Is it clearly understandable? How many reception possibilities do users have?

WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal: Which is the BEST?!
The remaining 30 percent of the total judgment relate to the topic of protection of privacy. These include, among other things, encryption and data protection for messengers such as WhatsApp * and Telegram.

Foundation Warentest finds dangerous weaknesses at the messengers

The biggest worry child remains the privacy, as shown in the test report of Stiftung Warentest. Pictures, videos, texts and voice news – all that is sent, it also lands in most messenger services at the provider that can pass on the data.

The question is only: where do these land? For example, most privacy statements of the providers have found essential deficiencies, such as Warentest Foundation. Even with the use and variety of possibilities, the testers have found what weak points are concerned.

Whether it is the emoji search in German, which is considered difficult, or the maximum length of the videos sent, these problems are then more details. Unlike test reports on cosmetics such as compact powder * or even the eco-test over Fusilli * looks like.

Foundation Warentest: Telegram as an exception, WhatsApp just over the “good”

The defects in data protection affect 15 of the 16 providers. Only exception: Wire! The Messenger service from Switzerland makes a good impression.

Telegram, however, was not rated by Foundation Warentest. The reason: “She is in criticism because, according to authorities, she often deletes punishable content. Since we could not verify this point, we have no quality judgment. “

In the test result, four messenger services cut off with the judgment “Good”, including signal and skype. WhatsApp screams just over the good judgment, but ends some places in front of the two paid providers Conversations and Threema. Google Hangouts and Kik land on the last seats. All results are available in the chargeable result of Stiftung Warentest. _ * Heidelberg24 is like messenger services part of the editorial network_ vonipen.media.

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