Who are wanted monsters in the RUNE Factory 5 and how do Bounty work?

Wanted monsters in Rune Factory 5 is a special monster option with awards for them. The capture of wanted monsters can also bring you various subjects and increase your grade seed.

If you want to catch a wanted monster, you can get a reward for him, talking to Libya at the seed station. When talking with Libya, you must choose I want to check the list of wanted monsters Dialogue option.

If there is no such possibility, you will need to perform the task of searching for Mom Hire. After that, you can choose Bounty and start trying to perform them.

After selecting award, you will need to go to the area specified in the award and hunt the specified monster. But not any monster of the desired type will fit, instead you will need to look for a monster with a red aura surrounding it.

Rune Factory 5 Gameplay Switch - New Wanted Monster System & Found Goblin Shooter! [English] | ep 4

Red Aura indicates that the monster is wanted. For example, if you received an award for a mucus, you will need to search until you find a mucus that shines red. But as soon as you find a wanted monster, how do you catch it?

Well, it’s easy to catch a monster, you need to exhaust his health while he does not have very little health. At this point, you will need to impose a seal spell on it by pressing RL button on your switch.

But keep in mind, it may take several attempts depending on your level of skills. If you fail, continue attempts while you fail to capture it. After you catch the Wanted Monster, hand it up in Libya for your reward.

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