E Sports Association, 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Leader 5

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin reporter] Korea E-Sports Association (President Kim Young-man, the Association) announced five people who were appointed as ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’ e sports leader.

2022 Asian Games E Sports Leaders ▲ Electronic Arts (EA) Sports FIFA Online 4: Shin Bee Seok (Galaxy Gaming) ▲ Hoston: Kim Jung Soo (T1) ▲ League of Legend: Kim Jung-gyun (Court Kia) ▲ Pub Mobile: Gaming ) ▲ Street Fighter V: Kang Sung Hoon was appointed.

The Association has conducted a process of publishing the E-Sports National Leader’s disclosure since January. By default, the Subcommittee for each of the competitors is based on support documents, as a result of individual interviews (training plans and map capabilities), domestic and foreign competitions, domestic and foreign contests, and domestic and overseas conventions (national mission, morality, etc.) Recommended.

2022 Asian Games: It’s Hangzhou time
Since the end of the performance of the performance of the Gyeonggi Environment and the final approval of the Association,

The E-Sports National Team, which completed the leader’s selection, will enter the athletic configuration in earnest from April. The performance enhancement committee has decided how to configure the athlete by the entire field, and the league of legends and pubs will be carried out by the League of Legend and Pub Mobile, EA Sports File, Hasstone and Street Fighter V plan to proceed with the starting.

The Gyeonggi Enhancement Committee was finally decided to do not dispatch national representative on the event of Arena of Baller ▲ Dota 2 ▲ Mong Three Kingdoms. In the first time, we believed that the three events were also promoted by the national representative, but the athlete and leader candidate base was vulnerable and reliable. In particular, in the case of Mong Three Kingdoms, the domestic service of the game is postponed, and it is an explanation that the deployment plan could be canceled until the prevalence of the final entry.

In addition, the Association is developing a training program to apply to the E-Sports National Representative with the Korea Sports Policy Science Institute. Through sports psychology, stamina, conditioning, technical support, we will build training and management system for e-sports training programs such as scientific training programs.

The sports national team is planning to call and training after completion of athletes in April, and participates in the Asian Games Area Prelimation of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games in June to July.

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