“FARCRY 6” NetFlix drama “Stranger Singus” collaboration Mission delivery started! Weekend Free Play held from 3 oclock on 25th

Ubai ISoft started delivery of the collaboration mission “The Vanishing” with the NetFlix drama “Stranger Singus Unknown World” in the Action Adventure “ F Chakai 6 ” and released the trailer.. On March 25, I will also be held for free play from 3 am.

# Weekend free play March 29th

Client Preload for Weekend Free Play User, which allows you to play the product version, and the client preload for a weekend play. . The weekend free play itself is the same ** in all platforms and March 25th from March 25 am to 4 days from 3 am.

# “Stranger Singus” collaboration mission delivery

The collaboration mission “disappearance” with the popular SF drama “Stranger Singus unknown” that is also distributed to the domestic to NetFlix and the Horror Element “Date” will be delivered from 11:00 pm in March 24th. Is.

It is a content that the world view of the drama is expanded on the stage of Yala, and it can be confirmed that the world’s trailer following the teaser published with the other day announcement is also possible, and it can be confirmed that the world’s expression of the same back side and demogolgon appear. increase. This collaboration mission also contains free weekend users and is free to deliver all players.

# Sale is also underway

Sales that are up to 50% off with weekend free play, are also implemented in the PC (Ubisoft Store / Epic Games Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One.

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