Valorant: The history of the game summarized in the three most voted contents of the history of Reddit

There is no doubt that after goodbye to the official Riot Games forums, their communities are in two specifically places: Twitter and Reddit . While the first works as a newspaper, in the second we can see all kinds of content, sometimes tremendously elaborate. With League of Legends we have already done this exercise, but today we ask ourselves what if we look at the most powerful posts in the story of Valorant.

The result that this study throws us is, without a doubt, the history of the game. The three publications with the most positive votes reflect three key points of the community and the evolution of the Riot Games tactical since its launch.

The alphabet in full to slabs – 40,800 votes

One of the definitor points of the Riot Games community is the dedication of your community. The games show a lot of possibilities, but they are the players who explode them until they create really spectacular things. This is a great example of this.

First valo montage..
The user RedNote613 a tremendous video was hent in which he carves on a wall all the alphabet thanks to the knife. The truly interesting thing is that he coordinates every blow so that the tag is in the right direction and that he gets it in a single plane. Spectacular.

RAZE and the liar of the head of Riot Games – 30,500 votes

Surely remember this controversy. In a Tit de Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, this important worker within the company talked about the particularities of Valorant. In this message he left a phrase that has happened to history: _ “The skills do not kill” _ .

That would be like that during the first days of Beta, but once the first new agent was thrown, the thing changed. Raze was completely broken for a while and made it clear that there were totally murderous skills in Valorant. The pomegranates of him, his explosive robbing robots and the bazooka of the definitive ability of him persecuted us all. With a musical assembly we can laugh at that episode.

New most lost players than an octopus in a garage – 30,200 votes

We ended up with something we have in Valorant and in the rest of competitive games from always. Professionals, gitgudders and other hypercompetitive fauna laughing at those who have just started playing. It is true that it looks like a silent film by Harold Lloyd and that there is some comedy in those bullets in the air and the dance that is established between rivals, but it is impossible to feel good laughing at them.

Even so, this also shows that the Valorant community is much more than professionals and players with a thousand hours played. We have all been novice and there is nothing good to laugh at them.

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