Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, Google Sales 3rd

Nexon’s new mobile action game released on the 24th, ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ has achieved third place in Google Play sales.

‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ is a mobile game with PC Online Game ‘Dungeon & Fighter’, as a mobile game, which is an action game that allows you to enjoy a 2D dot graphics-based transverse scroll battle. I have a motto called ‘Action Pleasure’, which I had a PC, and it is also a game of ‘manual operation’.

The 23-day dictionary download and pre-character creation was also received a great response. A total of 1.2 million apps of the two-app market, which started the day before the release, a total of 1.2 million, the production of 1100,000, which was the highest record of the mobile game released by Nexon.

Dungeon & Fighter, who has been highly interested in launch, was cruising after launch, and the number of users who have accessed the game on the day of release was 1 million. Then (26th), Google Play sales was counted and recorded third in the game sector. In the case of Apple App Store, we have already achieved sales first in five hours after launch.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile - Gameplay (Android) | Official KR Launch

Nexon officials said, “There is a deletion of the game, such as a game property, a stable service environment, which maximizes the fun of your hand taste, and a trumpet, such as a user friendly billing policy,” said, “” I am a “loved game” I would like to make it. “

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