Riot Games cancels his tournaments in Russia: This will affect the competitive of Valorant and League of Legends

One month after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Riot Games has made the decision of suspending the Competitions Deleague of Legends and Valorant in the countries of the Community of Independent States (CEI or CIS). This measure enters into force after the tournaments had already been paralyzed after the beginning of the armed conflict. A late but expected decision that has been communicated by the official accounts of the developer in the region.

The effects of the suspension in the competitive of LOL and Valorant

The paralysis of competitions will affect the upcoming tournaments of Riot Games titles. By not disputing the last stage of the LCL of League of Legends , No team representative of the region may go by Almsi . Something similar happens in valorant , where the suspended tournament has been the regional championship that should be determined by the ascent candidate to the next Challengers 2, ** Maximum Continental Competition. In the tactical shooter, the only team of Russian origin already allowed its players to participate with another name in the great European tournaments to prevent them from being excluded by Riot Games and Funplus Phoenix was not punished as an organization of Chinese origin.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Riot Games has taken campaigns to support the victims of war , collaborating with the direct donation of one million dollars and the benefits obtained by the commercialization of different cosmetics in the game. Doctors Without Borders, International Medical Corps or Red Cross will be the beneficiaries of an income whose total quantity has not yet been revealed, but that should multiply several times the initial amount announced by the company in its solidary project.

The effects of the Russian invasion has entered esports...

Despite the situation, those responsible for Riot Games in Russia and the rest of the Community of Independent States are moderately optimistic with the possibility that the competition can move forward in summer . However, the information regarding the advancement of the conflict are contradictory and does not seem that there is going to be an agreement between governments to put a point and end to the war.

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