Cheater in online games: According to Anti-Cheat company there are 4 different cheats

Supposedly there are four different types of cheaters, so people cheating online in multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Pubg or Fortnite. Explaining at least two persons from the anti-cheat company Byfron in a talk on the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC). In it, not only do you run the different reasons for cheaters, but also good opportunities to proceed against them.

These are the four different cheater types and their motivations

It’s about it: Cheating, tricks, cheating, cheating. Whoever has been turned off online from an opponent to an impossible way, knows what is meant. Whether it’s about Wallhacks, Aimbots, flight modes or the like: the cheats are diverse and completely unerring and “normal” their game want to play.

But why do people do that? It could give it a variety of reasons. In your GDC talk, CLINT Sereday and Nemanja Mulasmajic of Byfron Cheater divide into the following four groups (via: Axios).

  • Content Cheater: These cheaters just want to be unlockable content, without the normally necessary time-investment. On the other hand, it helps to incorporate an exaggerated grind in his game, but to comply with a reasonable, achievable measure.
  • Money Cheater: This type Cheater wants to make money and sells, for example, cheat programs he has created. On the other hand, it would help very well to let go of lawyers on them because that can be extremely expensive. Otherwise, of course, a good anti-cheat system helps.
  • Glory Cheater: You do it for fame and honor. This type Cheater just wants to win, and by any price and also with unfair resources. On the other hand, it helps to close technical loopholes and design a game that highly satisfactorily feels without fraud.

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* Power Cheater: These people are simply trolls, for which the cheats have become a game of themselves. You are most difficult to meet because you lock locks and similar as a honor award. Hardware bans, compulsory two-factor logins and the like could help. In addition, it has already been helpful several times to draw them on their own site so as to obtain new insights.

For example, you can read more on this detailed column of my esteemed colleague and technology expert Chris Werian. The explains that Cheaters are not only a big problem, but will probably be accompanied for a long time. The fight against them should not be easy to win until further notice.

Which cheater types can you best understand? Or maybe you even like to cheat yourself?

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