Fighting Games DNF Duel, April 2-4, 2nd Open Beta Test Progress

The PC, Console, Daejeon Fighting Game ‘DNF Duel’ for Nexon (Representative Lee Jeong-hyun) is a second open beta test.

Nexon conducts a second open beta test of DNF Duel for global users, including Korea, Japan, North America, and Europe, from the 4th to 4th to 4 days from the next month.

The second test version will fuse the horn of the dignity and the ghost and the human boundary are added to the boundary of the human being. The user can enjoy fighting with a total of 11 characters, including six species, striker, graph plus, heresy referee, ranger, and vertical, such as a buffer, striker, graph plus, heresy, ranger, and vertical verification.

NEW Fighting Game DNF Duel Gameplay Reveal | Arc System Works New 2D Fighter
Nexon revealed 10 kinds of YouTube images that have a character’s actual play screen prior to the primary test of DNF Duel in December last year. This video has passed 544 million cumulative views, thanks to the great response of overseas fighting game fans. The play image of the newly introduced newly introduced to the second open test was also released on the 18th.

From June 28, the Global Game Distribution Platform Steam and PoSstation (PS) 4 · 5, etc. on the DNF Duel service on the Pc, console platform, and the global fighting e-sports competition The first participation in the “Arc World Tour 2022 (ARC WORLD TOUR 2022).

Meanwhile, DNF Duel is a 2.5D graphics-based battle fighting game that utilizes ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ IP with 850 million global fandoms. Japanese Arc SystemWorks and Neop, famous for fighting games, “Guilty Gear”, and ‘Blaveu’ are in a joint development.

For more information on DNF Duel Second Open Beta Tests, see the official SNS channel.

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