So the successor of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Why “Breath of Duality”?

According to Gale, the title “Breath of Duality” should be a stressing of duality of different topics in the game. Here, Gale speaks of the duality of the characteristics, the difference between heaven and earth, past or light and darkness. In addition, the circumstance should be indicated that in the new Zelda part not only the previous top link should be playable. Speculation, whether Zelda will be playable in the continuation of Breath of the Wild, has been there for a long time. Gale itself is skeptical of the rumor, but gladly discusses the possibility of naming.

In response, there were reddit first numerous persibilagen on the name. For example, “zelda: Inhale Then Exhale of the State of Combining Two Different Things” was spoken. Here, too, there is great skepticism regarding the alleged Sequel name. In addition, many users and users were rather disappointed by the potential name.

Hardly info about Breath of the Wild 2

Since the revelation in 2019 was and is relatively quiet for Breath of the Wild 2. Neither a name nor a released date are known in spring 2022. However, the game should come to the market in 2022 . At the same time, it would not be the first shift of a Zelda title, on the contrary.

Breath of the Wild, but you ARE Link

Twilight Princess once again appeared in 2005 on the Gamecube . Finally, the winter was the Winter 2006. Breath of the game was just moved several times and appeared just under 2 years later than originally predicted. In both cases, the games were published on the successor consoles, ie the Nintendo Wii and the switch, with slight adjustments.

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