Change to BVB? Timo Werner plans departure from FC Chelsea

National Timo Werner allegedly wants to leave FC Chelsea after the current season. Among other things, Borussia Dortmund should already talk about a change. But there are several hurdles for the BVB.

Already in the past Timo Werner was traded several times at Borussia Dortmund. Around the end of his time at RB Leipzig in the summer of 2020, the speculation cooked particularly high. At that time, it did not take the 26-year-old but not to BVB, but to the FC Chelsea in the English Premier League – for whopping 53 million euros.

Almost two years later, in the Werner camp, disillusionment is arrested. Under TeMManager Thomas Tuchel, the pillar attacker is only reserved. “At Chelsea, it’s just not as I wish it to me,” Werner admitted after his goal at the 2-0 victory of the German national team against Israel on Saturday.

It gives “differences in the style of play” between Chelsea and the DFB team, “maybe the game fits a bit more to me here”.

Here's Why Chelsea Fans Love Timo Werner

Plant Timo Werner the finish from FC Chelsea?

The native Stuttgart has long been matured a very concrete change request. According to “Borussia Dortmund1” Werner Plant together with his adviser Volker Struth the departure from London for the coming summer.

Here comes the BVB into the game again: According to the report, Struth already brings conversations with several interested clubs, including the Dortmundern.

There, the player agent had also conveyed his client Niklas Süle from FC Bayern.

Several high hurdles for the BVB

At Werner, however, the BVB sets several high hurdles in the way: First, Chelsea should demand a transfer fee of 40 million euros for the noble joker – no cardboard stalk for the Borussia, especially in Corona times.

Second, Werner allegedly earns around 16 million euros in the blues a year, which would significantly blow up the BVB salary structure.

And thirdly, Chelsea may not handle any transfers, even no disposals because of the sanctions against still owners Roman Abramovich.

If it is really concrete with Werner, the BVB officers would have to pursue the further developments around the planned sale of the Property Champions League winner in the coming weeks.

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