Hesse Dreieich freely makes the way for Eintracht Frankfurt

It all seems in dry towels: As already speculated, the once ambitious SC Hesse Dreieich will retire to the coming playtime from the Hessenliga – although the club as currently the championship round of the Master’s Round would even have a realistic promise to the regional league.

In a interview published on the homepage of the fifthligist, Hans Nolte, Great Sponsor and Head is making a precursor, from the previous question: “It is clear that the team will not compete in the Missing Time in the Hessenliga and not in the sports park Dreieich will, “says Nolte. However, the reluctance of the Hessigniga team is not the result of the wish of Eintracht Frankfurt, from the coming season again a second team to ask, but episode “responsible considerations on the financial framework from the season 2022/2023”. Dreieich had lost 70 percent of his revenue during the Corona time. Even sponsors from the region, such as its own company, are affected: “Against this background, amateur football sponsorship with high six-digit sums is currently indispensable,” Nolte continues. “We have to strap tighten the belt, even in relation to the most beautiful minor matter in the world.”

We have to strap tighten the belt, even in terms of the most beautiful minor matter in the world.

Hans Nolte, SC Hesse Dreieich

A return request here and an entry request, however, fit together: In 2014, the Frankfurter Eintracht had logged out its U 23, eight years later, the rethinking of the Bundesliga club followed: the Hesse presented an application for a second team at the beginning of the year, The Hessian Football Association (HFV) also assigned. However, the clubs of the Hessigniga have recently pronounced the mostly against the appropriate recording.

Frankfurt wants to use sportpark Dreieich

Eintracht Frankfurt verliert beim SC Hessen Dreieich

And how is it now with Hesse Dreieich? The association’s budget does not contain its own position for the future season for the game of a first men’s team, so Nolte: “The spectators in the sports park but become famous faces from the current team and next to the place in the colors of Eintracht reorsee again. Some players leave Stop your careers in lower class clubs in the region. Everything will be different and new – but not less exciting, “he announces. The training and game operation of the youth teams of the SC Hesse Dreieich should remain untouched, but the domestic sports park will be used in the future by the FörderPartner Eintracht Frankfurt – also as a playing place. For this three-part leaves the Frankfurttern the existing infrastructure, six million euros flow from the Eintracht after information from the “picture”.

Meanwhile, two former professionals should manage the new beginning of the SG Eintracht Frankfurt II: Patrick Ochs, most recently sports board in Dreieich, was recently presented as a new sporting director in Eintracht-NLZ; Ralph Gunesch is intended to support the young NLZ players in the integration and training work as a transitional trainer.

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