Lost Ark: You should start with these tips for silver farming best now

Silver is one of the most important resources in Smilegates MMORPG Lost Ark. For example, silver is often needed to upgrade objects to buy healing drinks, to get the right ability to get gemstones, and much more.

Especially from an item level of 1370, the silver supplies go to many players. Some players report that silver amounts in heights of over five million is now almost nothing left, as they have to spend too much silver for things like item races.

How do you earn the best silver in Lost Ark?

Fortunately, there are some ways to reach silver in Lost Ark to prepare for the silver-cutting time from Item Level 1370. For example, you will receive a little silver every day through your completed chaosing lines. Since you should conclude this in the best case anyway every day for the honing materials, chaosing sounds are a very good way to generate a little silver passive.

silver by the guild shop

EASY Ways to Farm Silver in Lost Ark

In the guild shop you can exchange your deserved blood stones directly against silver. Source: Smilegate You can also get a little silver every week in the guild shop, of course, you are part of a guild. On the one hand, you can buy crates full of silver against your weekly blood stones, but also the entrance ticket boxes for things like the dice also give you a bit of silver.

The weekly quest for the cube

Furthermore, the cube and its associated weekly quest is a pretty good way to get a lot of silver. If you have a few dice tickets in the inventory, it is definitely worth taking the quest for this.

Change ## silver directly against gold

In the gold shop you can exchange your saved gold against silver. Source: Smilegate If you are suffering from silver deficiency, but have a lot of gold available, you can also exchange your gold against silver at the gold shop. However, this is not too advisable because you receive 100,000 silver for all 1,000 gold, which is not even sufficient for a single upgrade in the later gameplay. This possibility should only be used if you need a little silver for some reasons.

Of course these are not all ways to get in Lost Ark (now € 19.99) to get to silver. The best way to get a pile of the coveted currency every day, is experiencing on the next page.

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