Xokas returns after a polemic already forgotten by his fans and together at 140,000 viewers on average

Except that you have been living in a cave without internet you will have aware of the controversy starring Xokas in recent weeks. As a quick summary, the popular Streamer was “caught” in one of the retransmissions of it, discovering the cake that he had several secondary accounts he used to insult those who criticized him and even to praise himself . This has made him withdraw from the spotlights for a few days, although this weekend we have seen happily by rapping.

Xokas himself has announced his return on social networks, where there was some unknown when he has known the public’s reaction after a controversy who has been present for several days, with infinity of memes and especially criticisms to the way of acting one Of the creators of content that have most grown in popularity during the last months.

While we publish this article the retransmission of it is still underway, but in the wording we are following it from the beginning and Xokas is gathering an average of around 140,000 recurring spectators during the return of it . Some numbers of authentic madness. Maybe by the morbid back to the spotlights. Or for knowing the explanations of him before what happened, since the “apologies” that he offered days ago showed everything but repentance.

El xokas regresa a twitch y responde fuertemente
Although all this will be dictated by time and long term, he does it seem aware of what has happened, and hopes that it is “The last serious mistake he comet” in the trajectory of him, being aware of That he will commit them. He has asked for forgiveness to his spectators, always remarking that he is aware of what has happened.

In the manner of him, yes. The Xokas has recognized the problems of him and has confirmed that he he is going to seek psychological help to solve what happened and prevent something like that again. He has also admitted that his problem of obsession with the numbers and for being the “Streamer Spanish number one” do not help, and that’s why he said he intends to streame less than he was doing these months : since he knows that his obsession is his problem.

He has been a sensible in determining that he wants to change. It is a process that He will try to do in the short term, although he must have patience for it, since leaving psychological problems is a background race. He knows that he has hurt many people and does not want to repeat that. In addition, it has taken up the fashion theme, comparing with Will Smith and his violent incident at the Oscar Gala , saying that “we have all had similar IRA problems”, at the same time that it condemns how badly The actor has acted at that time.

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