Crusader Kings III: Call for fame and honor seemed in Xbox Game Pass

Crusader Kings III is available for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 and now allows the founding of new kingdoms and dynasties. The popular Grand Strategy RPG of Paradox Interactive Enthusiastic PC player since 2020 and now also offers players on other platforms the opportunity to rewrite and experience medieval history. This is available in the Xbox Game Pass.

In Crusader Kings III, players perform a royal family through the centuries and control characters and their heirs as they try to establish and protect their demands on land, title and fame.

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The realm of a military adventurer can be inherited through a rather underhearded son, and thus the way he sees and uses the levers of power. Warfare, espionage, diplomacy and religion are all available and active ingredients of the greatest historical adventure, which has ever given for consoles.

A trailer to start Crusader Kings III on console is here:

Crusader Kings III contains the following functions:

  • Character-oriented gameplay : Every character that players play or with which they interact is his own unique personality. The peculiarities of the chrodes have a big impact on the events and options for action in the game.
  • Infinite possibilities: Players take over any noble house of Iceland to India, Finland to Central Africa and steer his skill over five centuries. They interact with around-traveling guests, stubborn children, sneaky spies and sublime clergy in an ornate image of medieval life.
  • Warfare: Players gather their vassals and mobilize their armed forces to besiegen enemy castles or spray upries. Individual skill on the battlefield can mean glory and honor, but strategic planning is the key to victory.
  • Royal marriages: In order to improve the royal seal on the coats of arms of other kingdoms and duchies near and remote, their own DNA must be spread throughout the world. Players marry for the sake of power and educate children to raise claims to new lands.
  • Saints and sinners: No matter whether one holds the religious leaders loyalty or commits great crimes in the interest of the state – if it is difficult, you can always commit heresting or a new religion that corresponds to the priorities of their own character.

The console version of Crusader Kings III offers a custom user interface and a Control Scheme , which has been specially tailored to larger screens and console gamepads.

The completely new control allows players to navigate quickly and easily by the menus of the game – using triggers, bumpers and quick movements of the analog stick. The console version also supports the most important functions of the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, such as superfast loading times for a seamless gaming experience as well as haptic and adaptive trigger controller feedback. On the Xbox Series X | S, the players with Quick Resume can switch between the game and other applications such as YouTube, where you can watch a tutorial to reduce a peasant uprising.

  • Crusader Kings III – 49,99 Euro (XGP)
  • Crusader Kings III: Royal Edition – 74,99 Euro

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