Wow: Tuning ended – these are the additional WOD

Blizzard has given the WOW community for a week to tune above which two Wood dungeons are to be implemented in the mythical-plus rotation of season 4 . The vote in the official WOW forum has now been completed and you have decided that Grimmbleisdepot and Ice docks will be in season 4 from WOW to M + instances.

Mechagon and Karazhan are two more old dungeons that will return to Season 4. However, these had previously been determined by the developers. Still is not determined how Blizzard will revise the two mega dungeons, so they are suitable for Shadowlands.

So the WoW community has tuned

  • Grimmbleisdepot – 40%
  • Ice docks – 32%
  • Upper black ripple – 30%

  • Skynadel 23%

World of Warcraft - Classic - Trouble at the Docks
* Also indo – 19%
* The evergreen floral 19%
* Shadow Grabstatte – 17%
* Blood lattice – 12%

The “train instance” ** Grimmgleisdepot finds most appeal at players. Ice docks could prevail slightly before the upper Schwarzfölspitze. On celestial needle, many players would have had Bock, but with seven percent distance it was not enough. Players want to Kloppen Dear Orcs. Looking for the least desire, players had to beat up in the bloodstream mine of Ogn. Even on the shadow moon tram, players had less desire.

Frightingly little votes

Maybe the developers should have been a bit more the advertising drum, because just once 17,757 votes were taken for the choice of Wood Dungeons, which concerns all players in season 4. Either do not use many players the official forum, they did not care, there is less M + enthusiasts than we thought or or or…

Almost 18,000 votes for future mythical-plus dungeons are definitely a little bit of what could be due to the hesitant promotion by Blizzard. Do you have voted in the Official Forum for the Wood Dungeons? And if so, for which? Write us in the comments.

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