Bruce Willis leaves the world of performance

For a couple of months, it has been rumored that Bruce Willis, actor remembered by movies like _ Die Hard _, suffers from a mental problem, this after seeing his most recent jobs. Now, the actor’s family has confirmed that Willis was diagnosed with aphasia and, as a consequence, will leave the world of acting.

Bruce Willis Stepping Away From Hollywood After Devastating Diagnosis

Through his social networks, Bruce Willis’s family shared a statement as a whole, where they made him known the sad revelation that has put an end to the race of the actor . This was what was commented about:

“For the incredible followers of Bruce, as a family, we want to share that our beloved Bruce has been experiencing some health problems and recently was diagnosed with aphasia, which is affecting the cognitive abilities of it. As a result of this and with a lot of consideration, Bruce is moving away from the race he has meant for both him.

This is a really challenging moment for our family and we are very grateful for the continued love, compassion and support of him. We are moving through this as a strong family unit and wanted to attract the fans of him because we know how much it means for you, as you do it for him. As Bruce always says, ‘he lives the moment’ and together we plan to do precisely that. “

AFASIA is a language disorder caused by brain damage that affects a person’s ability to communicate . This was something that was already speculated. In the last films of him, the actor used a hearing aid where he was dictated, and his participation was minimal.

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Editor’s note:

Although the last years of him was not spectacular, they are the performances of him in films such as die Hard, The Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction and more, which will be remembered by all the fans of him.

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