JBL, FLIP 6 Bluetooth speaker shows

Harman International (Harman International) launches Bluetooth speaker JBL FLIP 6 (flip 6) that allows JBL to enjoy a powerful JBL professional sound anywhere.

JBL recorded the results of Future Source Consulting, a market research institute, respectively, in 2021, Global Bluetooth Speakers and Party Speakers in the Parties, and the market share of the market share and the market share of the market. In addition, JBL has been ranked as the Global Best Case, and is steadily loved as a global best-selling brand, accounting for a ranking of Global Best Cell Range in the Global Bluetooth Speaker.

The newly released JBL FLIP 6 is the latest model of the Bluetooth speaker FLIP series that has been optimized for excellent portability and outdoor activities. More sensational designs and stronger sounds have been applied, and are easy to use anywhere in the outdoors, such as picnics, camping, mountain climbing, riding.

JBL FLIP 6 Officially Launched in India- Hands down! The Best Bluetooth Speaker Is Here ???? || Flip 6
The new JBL FLIP 6 offers a rare rack-shaped woofer speaker, a separate twitter, a two-way speaker system, which is composed of a dual passive radiator, and a stronger sound and a powerful sound.

On the front, 16mm Twitter, which provides a clear and neat high-frequency sound, with a Raystrack-shaped 45 x 80mm woofer speaker that delivers an excellent low-frequency band and a mid-station sound, to provide a more detailed sound. In addition, the dual passive radiator is applied to both sides to complete the bi-directional sound that adds the magnificent and depth of the bass, allowing the external to enjoy a strong JBL professional sound anywhere.

JBL FLIP 6 has a strap that helps to carry a cylindrical tumbler design with excellent grip and a strap that has a strap that is easy to carry and has a strong durability to the scratches on a rugged daizance design that has been shaken to external vibrations. In addition, a variety of product colors and sensual JBL logo layouts add a dynamic feel and harmonize with strong sounds.

In addition, JBL FLIP 6 boasts more improved portability. With the waterproof and dustproof function of IP67 rating, it is possible to enjoy music without being courteous, including camping plants, swimming pools, beaches and rivers, and enjoy music, and enjoy a large battery that can be renewable by up to 12 hours when buffer. possible. In addition, when the USB-C charging protection is added to add a function, when moisture, salt, and other chemicals are detected on the connector, it is possible to operate the product to protect the product more securely.

In addition, you can connect two JBL partyburg compatible speakers to connect two JBL partyboost-compatible speakers to connect two stereo sounds, and connect multiple vs. to a club. In addition, a wireless bluetooth connection with a maximum of two devices is possible, and it is possible to easily update and product support through the JBL Portable app and can be locked and releasing and releasing various functions.

On the other hand, JBL FLIP 6 applied an eco-package for a sustainable environment. The packaging box of FLIP 6 and the internal tray were made of recyclable paper material, the top box handle at the top, and the packaging boxes were made with a repressed plastic raw material, and the packaging boxes were printed with a soybean oil ink.

JBL FLIP 6 Bluetooth speakers, which complete the moment of adventure with excellent portability and powerful sound, can be purchased from Samsung dot com and main online mall with 7 colors, including black, blue, mint, gray, red, white and pink. 149,000 The circle.

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