New face and new content: DFB introduces the realignment on Twitch

Relaunch for the Twitch Channel of the ESPORT department of the German Football Federation (DFB). This not only gets a new face, but also new content. Under the roof “House of Football”, new competitions in the virtual but also real sport celebrate their debut on the canal this year.

These include an efootball format for the 3rd league as well as women’s football, but also real competitions of the U national teams, the Futsal Bundesliga and Futsal national team. Does that mean, there will be a counterpart around the 3rd league and women’s football in the future, there is also a counterpart around the 3rd league and women’s football?

Freudian slip or meaningful letter Z

Not yet. Currently in planning are entertaining tournament days with direct K.O.-phases. How these look exactly and who may participate – that is still decided and published in due course.

on Twitch “also sport content becomes more important”

Moderated and streamed is the whole of Simon ‘Xpazoo’ Walter. The former player of the U19 of the SC Freiburg is active as Content Creator on Twitch and under contract at the ESPORT organization B360.

“The conceptual recording of the live streaming platform Twitch is becoming increasingly relevant for the DFB, as it is increasingly moved to the mainstream. Twitch developed in just a few years not only to the leading platform for gaming and esport formats, also sports content there are always there Significant “declared Dr. Holger Blask, Managing Director Marketing and Distribution of DFB, and supplemented:

“We have recognized that and targeted ourselves to the Need’s community to create a successful concept for the new and young generation of sports fans. We look forward to having the right face with Simon found.”

Starting Shot: Play-offs of the DFB EPOCAL

Walter: “I’m a passionate footballer offline, but also online. The partnership with the DFB offers me the perfect hybrid way to realize me as Content Creator in Efootball and remain true to myself and my creativity through a lot of freedom.”

Even tomorrow, the Content Creator starts its new task. By 03.04, the playoffs of the DFB epocal are on the program. The LiveStream of the DFB we show live on our home page.

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