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If you have played before Little Big Planet titles, you’ll know everything about Sackboy. Last month, he reappeared, in his own game derived Sackboy: A Big Adventure; One of the first titles to be launched on PS5. Now, it is well known that its new adventure will be very friendly and very fun, but what better way to know it with certainty than to see everything in action, right? Let’s just say that Sackboy: A Big Adventure really shines like a 3D platform adventure that will not fail to warm up everyone’s heart in this holiday season and beyond.

We have a double functionality this time, with not one, but two exciting levels to share with you. If you are a fan of Bruno Mars, you are about to see Uptown Funk under a whole new day in the first video. And Although Daptown Funk is a more recent song, players who went around the neighborhood, maybe those who play with their children, will surely recognize the next song in the second video – Jungle Boogie of Kool & The Gang.

You can check the uptown funk in the “Treble in Paradise” level below.

You can discover the jungle boogie trainer song in the video below.

And if you are more curious to know what exactly you expect from Sackboy: A Big Adventure, or if you want to pick it up this holiday season, read our review. Here is a small code extract: _ “All this time, Sackboy is quite adorable. His small button-shaped eyes convey a surprising amount of emotion, supported by an animation on the top that would not be irrelevant in a Pixar movie. Indeed, attention to detail in Sackboy: A Big Adventure is incredibly good. »_

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