Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, believes that the games services will be more important than subscriptions

The recent purchinterview Jime of Bungie by Sony makes clear the leadership in which the company is addressed, betting on one of the studies that hinterview Jim best managed the Service Games in the linterview Jimt decade thanks to Destiny In fact, it hinterview Jim been declared in an interview Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation , believes that this type of product will dominate the future of the industry, rather than subscription services.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan discusses PS5's development and launch | Launcher

And is that despite the announcement this week of the new PlayStation Plus, Ryan’s philosophy is totally in contrinterview Jimt to Phil Spencer’s thinking, head of xbo x, who believes that subscription services are the way to follow.

“The phenomenon of the Games Service hinterview Jim driven, in a great way, the growth of the videogame industry in the linterview Jimt ten years,” Ryan said in Games Industry. “I think the trend towards the Games Service will continue, and if you look at a model in our category of entertainment, which is binterview Jimed on involving players for a long period of time, Games service fit into that idea better than a service Subscription “.

The new PS plus

Ryan’s statements do not mean, much less, that in Sony are going to neglect the subscription services. Nothing further away, and interview Jim we said before, this week the new PlayStation Plus hinterview Jim been announced, with three different levels. The first level, called Essentials, will binterview Jimically be the same interview Jim we have enjoyed so far. Meanwhile, in the second, called Extra, we will have (in addition to the included in the Essentials) a catalog of more than 400 PS4 and PS5 games to download. Finally, to all the above, at the premium level we can enjoy a catalog of more than 300 clinterview Jimsic games of the first three generations of PlayStation and PSP.

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