Savings banks: ATM modification makes EC

Banks are due to digitization in transition. The savings bank now initiated the next change. She could mean that from the EC card.

Dortmund – Digitization does not stop before banks and has already significantly changed the usage behavior of many customers. Instead of on-site service in the branches and cash, digital solutions such as online banking gain increasingly popular via smartph1. The savings bank now responds with another service to the trend.

Sparkassen customers expects new service at ATM: EC card is superfluous

Because the consequence of digital change: ATMs of the savings banks and banks are becoming less and less. The new idea of the savings bank should now counteract the now and connect a well-known service with a new innovation. In the long term, this could mean the end of the EC card.

After the Sparkasse has recently announced two payment functions of the EC card, so now the next change, the giro card in its function increases more and more. Because now customers no longer need the EC card to withdraw money at the ATM.

Sparkasse: Contactless money withdraw now – with the smartphone

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As can be seen from a report of the caschys blog page, Sparkassen customers can now withdraw money from the ATM with the smartph1. So far, the contactless service was only possible on some machines – but only by girocard.

Now the offer will be extended and customers will continue to get their money with the smartphone at the ATM. However, you need the savings bank app “Payable” on your smartph1. The app is an alternative to the payment apps of the big providers like Google or Apple Pay. But how exactly does the money work withdraw via smartphone?

Paying contactless: New service also replaces EC card at the ATM

In addition to the corresponding app, savings bank customers need a smartphone with NFC function. Also, you must find a suitable ATM with NFC reader – still not all machines of the Sparkasse are equipped with it.

According to T-online you can see this on the wave symbol, which is also on giro and credit cards that you can pay with contactless.

Sparkasse: Withdraw money by smartphone at ATMs – so easy

If you have found a suitable smartphone at hand and a real ATM, you can get started: just open the “Mobile Pay “App or Apple-Pay and keep the smartphone at the institution marked accordingly.

The NFC interface of the ATM will now recognize the digital EC card in the mobile phone and reads it. This enables the “Lifting money” option at the machine and you only have to perform the usual steps that even otherwise withdraw in the money – this includes entering the card pins.

Sparkasse reacts to competition: Volksbank had service at the ATM first

Thus, money lifting via smartphone is therefore not completely contactless. However, it already has an advantage: the wallet with all EC and credit cards can stay home in the future. It is more and more distinguishes that all payment transactions – whether at the ATM or in the supermarket – soon with the smartphone are possible.

With the new service, however, the Sparkasse does not set an innovative sign, but reacts only to the competition. Because the folk and Raiffeisenbanks had already decided some time to adjust the money lifting via smartph1. Whether the offer is through the savings banks and more customers use the service remains to be seen.

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