Coca-Cola presents a new flavor that tastes like pixels to attract players

Coca-Cola is trying to take a larger portion from the players’ market by introducing a new flavor that (supposedly) will know to pixels. You have read well: pixels. “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar byte makes the intangible flavor of pixel be tangible,” Senior Coca-Cola Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy Director, told CNN Oana. It is “the taste of Coca-Cola you know and love with brilliant elements at the beginning and refreshing with the finish… we believe it is important to be present in the spaces where players play. Coca-Cola has supported the community of players for a long time ».

Zero Sugar Byte is the second new flavor of Coca-Cola Creations, which has the task of creating innovative and marketable flavors for the company. To send the signal to your demographic nucleus (players), Coca-Cola debuted with «Byte» in the metaverse through the Fortnite video game at the end of March, on an island called «Pixel Point» where Fortnite players can play different mini-games inside the game. (“Multiplayer minigames inspired by the senses”). To continue blurring the lines between games and reality, Coca-Cola will also encourage players to buy physical refreshments. Coca-Cola will also use pixelated labels on byte products so that players have telephone access to a game of augmented reality.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar byte will be available to buy online as of May 2 (until stocks). It will cost $ 15 by a packet of two in the US markets. UU., And only the sugar-free version will be available.

As indicated, Byte is the second product that Coca-Cola Creations has launched: The first was the recently announced Coca-Cola Starlight «Space-Flavored» Tail:

We present Coca-Cola Starlight, the first limited edition gaseous drink of Coca-Cola Creations. Experience a subtle sensation of freshness while enjoying the reddish drink Starlight with a new but familiar Great Flavor to Coca-Cola. Discover infinite possibilities of a new world with Coca-Cola Starlight before it disappears.

NEW Coca-Cola Creations Starlight Limited Edition Review (Space Flavored)

“For more than a century, Coca-Cola has maintained its iconic status around the world as a symbol of optimism that has refreshed generations. When we released ‘Real Magic’, we wanted to connect and celebrate the experiences that give joy to young people. Today, and that has taken us to a new and exciting territory, “Vlad said during Starlight’s launch. “Coca-Cola Creations aims to surprise, delight and involve global audiences through tastes, moments and magical and unexpected collaborations, something we know that our fans expect from us.”

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar byte will go on sale, online, May 2.

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