Wargaming for “World of Tanks” Development is completely withdrawal from Russia and Belarus-this decision in this decision

Wargaming, known in the development of “ World of Tanks “, has been invaded to Ukraine and released operations and ownership in Russia and Belarus and released from both countries.

Wargaming is currently headquartered in Cyprus, but originally a Belarus company and also owned a studio in Minsk of Belarus.

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According to the announcement, the company is fully transferred to LESTASTUDIO based in Russia and Russia, where Wargaming acquired in 2011, the live game business in Russia and Belarus. In the future, we do not get profits from Lestastudio. Furthermore, this determination is expecting a considerable loss.

Live gaming products are continuously available in Russia and Belarus and are operated by LestaStudio. Employees affected in this matter are to provide as much retirement benefits and support as possible, and even if you receive this significant decision, they have confidence in the future for the company’s business and to players It is supposed to provide high quality games.

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