How to recruit Kida in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

Chrono Cross follows Serge, adolescent, which is involved in the history of parallel worlds and interdimensional threats. Trying to reveal the truth about my past, Serge will gain many different allies that will help him in his journey, each of which has its own rich history and motivation. There are only 45 game characters in Chrono Cross, which means that you will have many opportunities to form an ideal command. In this guide, we will look at the brave heroine Chrono Cross – Kida. Here’s how to hire a kid in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Note: Next follows small spoilers about Kida characters.

where to find and recruit baby

To recruit this foul language into your group, you first have to fight with it in Cape How vs. One of four DEV, Karsh and Brothers Shaker, Salt and Pepper . After the battle of KID, will offer to unite with Serge in his search, to find answers about the strange world in which he was. If you agree, the KID will join your team and Prohibit Line to join your group in general .

However, if you refuse to unite it, you will encounter a kid later in the port town Termin . If you are already hired Lina Talking with Local polisher statues makes Kid express a desire to accompany Serge in the estate of the snake, joining your group in the process. If you did not recruit Lena to your list, the KID will automatically join your group after talking with it in terms.

child abilities

This awesome heroine owns daggers in battle, preferring to close with enemies. Her congenital element is red spontaneous color, closely associated with fire and lava, and this means that it will bring the greatest benefit, fighting with opponents with congenital blue element . As befits the Warmer, the KID has access to to steal technology allowing her to steal valuable prey from enemies in the midst of battle and add to its inventory.

On the other hand, the KID is able to cause significant damage when using Red Plug Technology, allowing it to attack opponents a flurry of throwing knives . The ability of the KID to apply damage at the stealing of rare items will be useful to serge in a long journey, which makes it a very useful red character for your team!

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