Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, emplacements des Bas

Discover all the locations of the WORG Croc Bottoms and Scrolls in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They are very important to increase your chance to acquire legendary weapons!

All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands dice slots

To be the most efficient possible we realized for you a complete card of the WORG Croc Funds with the very visible locations. A number associated with them so that you can discover in detail below in the article how to get them easily.

All dice positions

1 A first easy dice

In a crevasse just after the start the area is a die against the wall on the left.

2 one die in height

On the right of the first parchment (see below) is an easy-to-access die.

3 The skeleton’s die

This die is next to a skeleton placed on some wooden crates.

4 de the wreck

To reach this die you must take the big tour by the right of the area. It is not specifically complex to flush out.

5 a very simple die to find

Very easy to find this dice can be found very quickly during secondary quests.

6 a die on the way

This die is on the way to reach the boat at the top of the rocky cluster.

More specifically between two mushroom platforms.

7 between two crates at the top

Once reached the top of the rocky cluster and encountered the crew of pirate skeletons, one die is hidden between two crates on the right side.

8 the secret of the secret wall

To reach this die, hit the wall with body to the body to destroy it.

Its location is easy to find on the map.

9 one die height

Without being really hidden, you will easily find this die.

10 CANON secret passage

To reach this die, pull on the red barrel to fire with the cannon.

He will unlock the way to this die.

11 the die of the dune

This die is behind a dune.

12 the column dice

This die is in height between two columns on the left.

13 Travel of the Temple

Without really hiding this die and its course are easily visible.

14 a die on the way

Easily identifiable you will find this die on the path by exploring the area.

15 Second passage from the barrel

Like the number 10, activate the barrel by pulling on the barrel of powder.

It will open access to this new die.

16 The boat of the boat

This visible die from the ground is at the back of the boat.

To reach it it is enough to follow the left wall of the boat.

17 die of the waterfall

After a slide you will arrive at the foot of a waterfall. Go back to find a die inside.

18 an easy access

This die is not really hidden.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - All 260 Lucky Dice Locations - Campaign Challenge


This die is just above the houses in a small corner.

20 another die in a wreck

After a rather simple course, you will find this die in the boat wreck.

21 The secret passage of the anchor

In the same place as the number 7 is an anchor in height.

Pull up to pave the way for a secret passage.


1 parchment on the way

This parchment is obvious next to the number 2.

2 easy to flush

Without being hidden, this parchment is close to the number 5.

3 parchment of the wreck

To reach this parchment you will have to take the big tour by the right of the map.

It is not really hidden and is close to the number 4.

4 Parchment distributors

This parchment is near the most distributors in the center of the map.

5 parchment in evidence

This parchment is located next to the die 18.

Location of pearls and other points of interest of Mont Jabot

1 pearl of the secret passage

To reach this pearl pull on an anchor in height to create a passage in the ground.

CAUTION, the right shot in the room is a micmic.

2 parchment in evidence

This parchment is located next to the die 18.

Challenge of the 3 Scrolls

Near the number 5 is the altar of the challenge of the 3 scrolls.

Activate it brings up platforms that you will have to find in a time allowed on pain of having to start all over again.

Obelisk of the area

This obelisk is very easily accessible to the left of the entrance of the area.

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